Styling Beautiful People


‘I feel wonderful, 10 years younger and so important now. Everyone at work talks about my clothes all the time, just about everyday someone will tell me how nice I look’

Kaye, 53, Travel Consultant, North Carlton, VIC

Many people whom experience a change in life need a change in style too. It might be a career change, the loss of a significant amount of weight, relationship change or it may be that they just want to put themselves first for a change.

Susan provides her clients with a complete makeover and gives them the knowledge to maintain their new look. Susan works with her clients to establish how they feel about their current personal style and how they would like to feel. She then discusses how they can create the look they desire. She organises a hair stylist, beauty therapist and a shopping experience all in convenient locations for her clients and within their budget.


Many clients enjoy a ‘pamper’ day make over which can include a shopping session and a session with a hair and make up stylist - all on the same day, making you feel completely indulgent and giving you an immediate result to ‘wow’ family and friends with. Equally as popular is a more gradual approach, booking a series of smaller sessions to achieve your new look.

The process
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