Styling Beautiful People

Problem Fix Area

Many clients find they have a particular body area or areas which they are unhappy with and have continual problems dressing this area. Susan discusses ways for her clients to successfully style themselves as a whole. Trying on various shapes and cuts to practically highlight what suits and does not suit their body type. She also gives hints and advice on how to draw attention to other areas of the body or to change the fabric, under garment or accessories worn to make a real difference.

The process
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I have always been pretty short and I usually think everything makes me look fat but after seeing Susan I feel different, I feel good. I know where my hem line should be and the best neckline for my shape. It was a very helpful positive experience.

Katrina, 35, Malvern, VIC

My breast size is always a problem, I hate them, now I feel less self conscious and have opened up to wearing different cuts that I would have never tried on

Phoebe, 28, Administrator
Unley, SA