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Shopping Support

‘I can’t believe it; I normally never find anything I like or anything that fits! Thank you so much.’

Joanne, 33, Project Coordinator, Kingsville, VIC

Often people can feel overwhelmed when shopping. There are so many shops and so many styles and prices that a person can easily purchase extra items they did not originally intend to nor need. Sales assistants can often be pushy, pressuring a person into a sale to the point where they completely feel harassed. Susan meets with her clients before they begin the shopping experience to discuss the items they are looking for. She controls the shopping environment protecting her client from the pressuring shop assistant.

Susan is completely independent; she is not affiliated with any particular stores or fashion labels. The sole reason she takes you to certain boutiques is because she knows the labels and styles in the store will suit your body shape, lifestyle, function and budget. She knows exactly where to find the pieces that will fill any ‘gaps’ you may have in your wardrobe.

Susan is the objective eye, the creative eye and the bargain spotter (real bargains not mistakes!) she saves you from returning home with three handbags that were on sale instead of the work pants you desperately need.

The process
Contact Susan via email
or ph 0412 272 430 to discuss her services, arrange an appointment and the rest is fashion history!

‘Every time I am in Melbourne I make an appointment to shop with Susan, we do a big shop and I love it, I am sorted for the next 6 months, she takes the thinking and frustration out of shopping’

Angela, 41, Self Employed, Auckland, NZ