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Special Occasion Styling

‘I felt perfect, for the first time I felt like my shoes and necklace actually complimented my dress rather than just feeling like it would have to do’

Melissa, 30, Mitcham, VIC

Not sure what to wear to a cocktail party on a Sunday afternoon? How do you stand out but not be over the top if you are ‘the mother of the bride’? Or what do you wear if the invitation says ‘lounge suit’ or ‘garden party’? It’s important to be dressed appropriately and even more important to feel ‘right’! Dress codes and standards can vary so much depending on the time, day of the week, venue, number of guests and reasons for the event. Susan knows what to wear when and how to find it; she has a particular talent for helping her clients dress for special occasions.

She meets with her client to discuss the finer details of the occasion and then established with them the sort of look they envisage for themselves; she provides them with ideas and advice. Then arranges a shopping date(s) were she takes her client directly to the most appropriate stores. She helps her clients perfect their look; teaming shoes and accessories to it complete. Gone are the days of walking all over town to find the right shoes to match your dress. Susan knows exactly where to shop.

The process
Contact Susan via email
or ph 0412 272 430 to discuss her services, arrange an appointment and the rest is fashion history!

‘I go to the Races every year and never feel as good as many of my friends but this year with Susan’s help I felt like I was the best dressed. I have booked in for next year already’

Andrew, 26, Personal Trainer
St Kilda