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Wardrobe Assessments

Having too much in your wardrobe is just as inhibiting as not having enough. All the bad things hide the good leaving you with a feeling of having nothing to wear even though the walk in robe is full! Its important to audit your wardrobe regularly. Knowing exactly what you have helps you to be clear about the outfits you can create and also stops you from shopping for pieces you already have.

I had no idea that it would feel so good to sort my wardrobe out, I thought I had nothing but I actually had so many good things, Susan highlighted how I could coordinate tops and things in new ways creating new outfits from old pieces. It was great.

Laura, 44,
Corporate banking consultant
Albert Park, VIC

Susan visits her clients in their own home and assesses their wardrobes. She then creates for her clients their own individual action plan. The plan states what items of clothing and accessories her clients need to remove from their wardrobe and what items they should purchase in order to update their wardrobe for the coming season. It also gives them helpful hints about how to coordinate items to create a new look.

The process
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